Monday, March 21, 2011

Three Musketeers!





top from zara, high-waisted shorts from jaspal, ballerina flats from vincci, bag from sungei wang, ring from forever 21 and my mom’s old gold watch.

It has been long since I last had the mood for a vintage outfit! And yes, finally, some colors in my outfit hahah! The ring is my latest purchase and I really like it :) Was love at first sight.

Today, I am going to introduce two new girls in my college life, Jane and Emily!



This is Jane, don’t you just love that cute smile? She is my study buddy, I swear this girl is super hardworking and she has been nerdifying me like crazy, which is good in a way? Hmm. hehe ;p



And this is Emily! Well she’s not exactly a new girl in my college life, I’ve known her for almost a year. Thanks for fetching me Em ;)  I love to watch you shopping like crazy haha.



So, a shoutout to NUR SYAKILA: I MISS YOU LA DAMN IT :( I swear if I don’t get to see you this week, I am going to take a cab to your place and visit you, although I am not too sure about the way to your place! Hmph!

Haha kthxbai :3